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outside the jackson home. >> after days of trying to
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locate the jackson family the elusive sandy jackson appears before residence in her ward tonight working she says while her husband remains in minnesota being treated for his bipolar disorder while she may have the worst record for attendance at city hall cindy jackson claims that she's working through the hard times right now by working for the seventh ward after reports about the fbi investigating her to she says this in an exclusive interview tonight. >> tell us about the federal investigation, which you can share on the record. >> there's nothing i can share on the record. this is the first time we have heard from mrs. jackson since reports surfaced that she is under federal investigation like her husband. tonight she makes it clear that work is where things are going even though city records show that she has missed more city
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council meetings than any other aldermen. they're concerned about how they will see and educate their children and how they're going to get employed especially if they're unemployed. this week she says that she is held a meeting with 20 + constituents about the former property. tonight the u.s. 42 road expansion. the room was filled in as the only topic on the table was construction of what she refused to say more about any plea deal are possible indictment and her family she did say this about the congressman's house his condition is status quo tonight. we are hoping that he does better so i want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for keeping him and in their prayers and for returning him to office. with pressure mounting
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on this power couple the big question tonight is will she be attending tomorrow's big budget meeting again at city hall? the trains just stopped how to get home when it is miles away, they're finally running again but service is limited because only one sets of rails are developing. folks are finally starting to make their way home after service was resumed at least on one track of the south shore line that had all the way out to south bend indiana that started up about an hour and a half ago passengers are still being told to expect delays of up to one hour as crews continue
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to try to fix that other track an eastbound train just east of east chicago just got caught up on the overhead wiring that sends electricity to the train the regional transit authority says it was actually ripped away which caused the train to stop because it did have a power as a result 5 train departures were canceled in east and west bound directions much to the relief of passengers stuck in downtown chicago and headed to south bend and finally got cleared to leave the station about 20 minutes late a lot of those passengers were supposed to leave on our earlier trains. understandably
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they're disappointed, concerned and anxious which tried to provide them with the best information they can muster traveling a shorter distance. now the regional transit authority tells me that maintenance crews will work through the night as long as it takes to get the overhead wiring fixed so there will not be any concerns for the morning rush- hour so at this point commuters should still stick to their morinmorning rush-hour players. in east chicago cristóbal terrace. >> >> after stealing more than $53
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million from local taxpayers and read it cromwell admitted to the theft of hiding the money in a secret account. gary shapiro calls this one of the biggest abuses of public trust and the history of eleroy. , she is looking at a significant prison sentence even though she has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with investigators. she walked out of federal court with her attorney this morning surrounded by reporters and photographers at the advice of her attorney she didn't say anything and offered no apology to the people of dixon party also didn't say much. today she pleaded guilty to stealing $53.7 million over the past 21 years using the money to fund a lavish lifestyle and a multimillion dollar horse breeding business the feds are
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now in the process of selling off the assets including almost half a million dollars' worth of jewelry, vacation homes ranch property and the hundreds of courses she was caring for. we believe we have located in and seized and are liquidating virtually every asset owned by ms. cromwell so we can return the funds to the city of dixon. several dickson residence including the city commissioner attended today's hearing it's been fed to the horses, how do you recover that? but the more we can get a better and the people are deserving, she took it from them and they deserve to get back. what is the guilty
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plea make you happy? >> because she has edited what she has done and i hope to see 15-20 years. she faces a maximum 20 year prison sentence. dramatic fire rescues from a building on the north side captured on video by a neighbor. >> he was screaming down to the fire fighters and they went and got him. the fire broke out at 937 people were out the window gasping for air one woman and one firefighter rushed to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries all the residents are displaced because of that fire. president barack obama answering questions for the first time to license his reelection, next what he had to
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say about the fiscal cliff and the handling of the investigation into former cia director. and a comic worker returns home after spending a few weeks bringing electricity back to the storm ravaged new york.
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in his first news conference since being elected president barack obama as he intends to help the poor and middle-class and voters sided with him on this the nation facing the fiscal cliff january 1st with a major budget cuts and tax hikes could set and he called on congress to end extend tax cuts for the middle class but not for those making more than 2 record and $50,000 something that republicans have opposed. there are two pathways available, option 1 if congress fails to act by the end of this year everybody's taxes will automatically go up including the 90 percent of americans who make less than $250,000 a year and the 97 percent of small
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business who earn less than $250,000 a year, that doesn't make sense. >> he was pressed on the sex scandal that forced the resignation of david petraeus as director of the cia and he says there has been no evidence that national security was damaged it didn't come to his attention until after the election he said. >> he had an extraordinary career, he served this country with great distinction and people are innocent until proven guilty and we want to make sure that we do not prejudge these kinds of situations. >> he has changed his mind and has now agreed to testify before the senate tomorrow possibly the house on friday about the attack on the u.s. official in ben gazhi. it's very sad story
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from the small western community of barack in 44 year-old firefighter killed by a dog she was recently given don brown her body was discovered in her home by her firefighter husband monday afternoon they administered cpr but his wife was already dead of her injuries, an autopsy revealed she had been killed by a 140 lb mastiff a dog she received as a gift from a relative just one week ago. they did the autopsy and it was very evident right away that the injuries sustained were from the mastiff. the dog is being held in quarantine tonight and the victim don brown had described him as a gentle giant and an overgrown puppy. more than 700
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employees pitched in with relief efforts states within the last roughly three weeks. you guys have done an extraordinary job i think we were gone 19 days and we have done three states. >> the cruz said that helping the victims of sandy was very satisfying and an unforgettable experience and they appreciate the gratitude as well. emergency response does not get much tougher than this we introduce you to some of the chicago men and women who break up the worst of all violent situations. and a vending machine overhaul what you will not be able to drink in chicago schools anymore if some have their way. and what you can add to your diet to wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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>> one of the most specialized teams if you would likely have never heard of, immigration and customs enforcement wants a special police unit made up of 15 men here in chicago. we had a chance to go along and a training mission as they took over a downers grove home. >> when you think immigration and customs you likely think deportation but this team handles more than that, they are a big resources for local law-enforcement primarily they handle crimes linked to the border involving drugs and gangs are handled by them they let us go long into play long as they tested their techniques. high-
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powered, high risk, suited up is homeland security investigation special response team just 16 of these teams in the country and chicago has one of them big crimes involving drugs guns and money in the illegally crossing the border go to them. oftentimes we see targets who are in fact a very dangerous and very high risk even more high risk than typical well-trained agencies recently they zeroed in on a group of foreign gang members, from above cameras captured them moving in. the team identified the most high risk of the latin kings. carrying 11 t of marijuana coming from mexico was intercepted by these guys in the
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nearly 10 years that have been around the team is intact, no injuries, no deaths. on this day a 30,000 lb. vehicle gets them to their location first up, the flash. so loud that your vision is gone for about five seconds then there is temporary loss of hearing, balance. that's exactly what it's for to give us a few seconds to get in there to do what we need to do that's probably their most use tact technique, i did some role- playing and played a hostage. right now they know that you are coming into this house we work out a couple of queues... once the team comes up do not move or you are putting yourself in danger i am a dealer whose deal goes terribly wrong from the
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knock at the door... let's fast- forward to the upstairs bossed. i yell help and counted 123, 5 seconds into that team is up. scooped up and out of the house in under 25 seconds it all happened very quickly from the moment i yelled help and needed you guys were there in a couple of seconds. this was a simple training exercise what you may not have noticed is the bad guys were shot and wounded but i didn't get hit once and i was inches from them. we always trying to the 3% that takes us to the next level. while carrying at least 60 lbs. of equipment on them, they know every weapon and every tactic but they are investigators first. today he is part of one
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of the elite teams in the country, he went to law school and passed the bar. and their training is never over. they make up the bulk of their work but there are other ways to use it like trying to put a stop to counterfeit items that cross the border so with the holidays coming up that is an issue that he may be responsible for helping make some of those busts in the next few months. we will be hearing from them. the goods that formed the front line in the fight against diabetes, next what you should be eating up right now. and talk of potential chicago school closings heats up, the protest outside the school board meeting this morning.
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the imam in tonight's medical
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>> it is a very very slow process and it's going to get better so some terrific weather is on the way. we could have the first 60 degree thanksgiving and more than 14 years the northern lights were al last night. this was taken out in camden hills. we had reports of northern lights all the way for montana eastwood and into the chicago area when you get them one night oftentimes there is a little energy left over. what an interesting sky. as you look at this time lapses, there are
9:33 pm
things going on there that you didn't even realize. a beautiful day didn't qualify as 100 percent sonny as yesterday did and we're going down into this territory again tomorrow night. the growth of this snow pack over the last couple weeks we have been talking about it, has made the cold air available but temperatures are warm there are big changes under way. today was about four below normal. six degrees above normal on sunday. we may jump to nine degrees above normal they are oriented
9:34 pm
from west -east. these are current temperatures still well above freezing. there is warmer weather on the way. humidity of
9:35 pm
67 percent tonight. we show you these people often ask what does the dew point mean. och more typically it tells you where the temperatures will go on a calm night. the cool air comes right up to the lake. here is a beautiful situation from space in our area. by the time it gets here the gulf is shut off what we have are just thai mid-level clouds. the weather map is
9:36 pm
pretty quiet. here in chicago the forecast is partly cloudy and chile tonight. 29 at o'hare. south wins the 3-10 mi. per hour. southwest winds at 3-10 mi.
9:37 pm
per hour. partly sunny and seasonable temperatures on friday. into the mid-upper 50s on the weekend except right on the shoreline. we will give you a look of a thanksgiving next week. at thanksgiving next week. >> behind the scenes of volunteers working the cleanup after sandy.
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president obama will be in staten island to visit the hardest places hit by hurricane sandy in new york two weeks after the storm plenty are still without power and heat. but we
9:41 pm
are joined live via sky. veterans can get here free of charge to help out during this crisis. my bug is right over that way covered with cameras and computer equipment. you concede that they are rewriting the book on disaster relief. in the sandy's on another day and a few shaky steps closer to normal an army of volunteers from all of the country looking for seawater soaked severely damaged homes is filthy grueling work. everything in the basement has been saturated for over one week. i could vote imagine that that network of brotherhood
9:42 pm
reaches as far as it does from the bottom of my heart. it touches the heart to to the core. but a reminder that there is still a lot of work to do. survivors like bill and penny kelly know that the worst is well behind them now the water was rising all round her when the line went down when he was talking to her from florida over the phone. i don't have any words, that is how terrible it was. we loved it here. there was
9:43 pm
a very special couple getting some very special help. the deputy administrator of fema paid them a presidential visit scheduled for tomorrow. coming up proposals can change from the vending machines and which schools stay open. and the bears and niners try to figure out who will start monday night. a speed bump! [ wife ] a beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and
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♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.protests at the chicago school board looking at the possibility of schools be closed that is not stopping protesters against the whole idea they plan to focus on underused facilities in deciding which will close more than half are under used the board also amended the budget at $103 million following the recent strike. i have some bad
9:47 pm
news it still doesn't look good for beach weather this weekend i am sorry about that. you can walk along and though, that will be nice. temperatures will be fairly mild. you can see the current temperatures are as low as 29 below zero which is pretty chilly this is a 10 daetz simulation by the weather services global model. look how it is moving out. this is a moderately mild mass of air. those are '60s and '70s out there. that is a pretty warm weather pattern. those pink
9:48 pm
pants right there are coastal flooding and small craft advisory is. there has been a persistent northeast flow but not very strong. nothing like the last weather system. we are still getting a big storm to develop all there but it's farther off the coast than was predicted yesterday. these will not reach very far inland buffer coastal areas there already bombarded by the effects of sandy, that is bad news that means waves into elevated tides we have a new moon, and which will lead to astronomically higher tides and usual so the coastal areas are watching that carefully. we're up to thanksgiving day right there and we have shifted to the midwest.
9:49 pm
if that were to occur it would be the first thanksgiving at 60 or higher here in 14 years. 51 tomorrow, 53 on friday and 54 saturday winds will be danbegin to take on a eastern shoreline. it's good walken weather. just walk up and down the lake. if you are in a city-owned building get ready to change your taste for snack food to a healthier blend of snacks. mayor
9:50 pm
ron emmanuel is on a mission saying that healthier lifestyle decisions will lead to a healthier people the mayor will introduce an ordinance tomorrow at city council coming up doubles are looking for a hot start out west at the annual christmas kickoff tonight against the suns. next, a we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board.
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third let's talk about the bears. because of the long week they played j. cutler is expected to talk to the previous tomorrow but i doubt he will the niners quarterback situation is clearing up as we report, alex smith has passed his first post concussion testing has been cleared for non contact budget cut was stated that they're still up in the air, love the smith says he has improved but they'll be cautious since he has had it several concussions in his football career. and of course we would do everything
9:54 pm
possible to get him back. all eyes would be on the defense and there is not much difference. the bears scored by the nfl standard of yards allowed. he was issuing an apology he was critical for sunday night's game. what i heard this morning is it was hard for two days straight taken off the morning of. it was coming in close to game time. >> has written apology. hoping
9:55 pm
to wrap up the mac west tonight against toledo, down at 7- nothing in the second. aledo quarterback was having a heck of a night. he is 15 and 17 passing and the first half they had a 14-7 lead at halftime the bulls have struggled this season not unexpected with the makeup of the team as it is. having a big night in so was carlistcarlos boozer pulling away in the third, headed for another double
9:56 pm
double. the bulls lead in the fourth 88-78. late today they were signed in their letters of intent. mayor emanuel was among the guest at the announcement of the chicago elite high school classics. i want to see how the teams play out this year. whether they take themselves into the tournament and i can really base my decisions. david price and the tigers and out fielder tory hunter. this is
9:57 pm
what you have to see the bicycle from way out past the penalty area, over two defenders in for the final goal you have never seen one quite like that before not only that but he scored all four goals, a meaningless match but it will be talking about that for a long time. from all of us here, have a good night.
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